Kendra’s Favorite Stories

Doug has been doing drywall for a looong time! Sorry Doug, it’s true! Over the years I’ve heard more than one crazy story of how Doug used his “particular set of skills” to save the day! Some are funny, some heart warming, and a few are antics from younger days we don’t talk about in public! Here are a couple of my favorites!

The one where he fixed the hotel wall*
(some names and details have been changed to protect the guilty!)

A long time ago in a city far away (wink wink) some friends of Doug’s were hanging out in a hotel room, having a quiet little celebration. Well it was mostly quiet, for a little while. But kids were playing, as they do, jumping on the beds and rough-housing when someone bounced off the bed and accidentally made a shoe-sized hole in the wall. Rather than reporting the event to the hotel manager, Doug’s friends just gave him a call to come help them out of their jam. Well way back then, there were still phone booths around, so Doug gathered his supplies and headed off to the nearest one to change into his superhero gear! Just kidding! He just showed up to the hotel and began repairs immediately. He even took a sample of the wall to a local hardware store and had the paint color matched! He ended up repairing the wall so well, nobody could tell anything even happened the next day! Looks like another satisfied customer. To the Doug-mobile!

The one where he matched the pattern.

One of Doug’s customers was going through a tough time. I don’t remember all the details but I do remember this customer was working on his parents house and getting it ready for sale. The knee walls in the upstairs were in need of repair. They were plaster walls with unique designs the customer’s dad had made many years prior. The customer wasn’t sure if it was possible, but requested that Doug match the pattern on the wall in honor of his father who passed away. Doug was able to match the unique swirl pattern and the customer was so happy he was moved almost to tears when he saw it! That one is my very favorite story!

Whether we know you or not, we will always treat you like friends. So whether you’re in a jam with a banged up wall, or you want a special touch to honor a loved one, we will always do our best to accommodate your special requests.

Merry Christmas from Doug Miller Drywall!