Our Purpose

What gets you out of bed in the morning?  What is it that drives you, gives your life direction and meaning? For us, it's our simple mission: To add value to your construction project. We know that a bad finish job can take away value from your investment. We deliver seamless drywall finishing and professional custom texturing services. We take pride in our work because it adds value to your investment.

Our Story

Our story is simple: we are a local family-owned business - trying to make a living, just like you! Doug grew up in the Twin Cities area, learning the drywall finishing trade from his father. He moved to Greater Minnesota around 2000. He is about as expert as they come in the art of drywall finishing. Kendra is a small town central Minnesota native, and wears many hats. From answering phones and emails, to scheduling and estimating, she keeps things running! Our core belief is simple: We believe in honoring God by serving others through our vocations.

Meet the Team

"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts" - Aristotle 

When we work with people we know and trust, our work output becomes greater than the sum of our individual abilities.

We enjoy working with each other, and we enjoy working with you.

Doug Miller, Drywall Finishing Expert

Doug Miller


Drywall Finishing Expert

"Taught myself from a young age to make sure whatever I can do with my right hand, I can also do with my left hand. You know, in case I ever lose my right hand!"

Doug started learning the drywall trade with his dad when he was just 7 years old!

(That's a long time ago, in case you were wondering!)

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Kendra Miller

Executive Assistant

From answering phones to scheduling and bookkeeping, “I’m basically just your run-of-the-mill juggling act!”

Now that we've met...

We're not strangers anymore! So go ahead, talk to us! Contact us to get a free estimate. Your mother would approve!