The Good Thing About 2020…

There’s not a lot of folks out there who are real optimistic these days, and I can’t blame them. This year has brought us so much drama, turmoil, and uncertainty. One good thing I can say for sure – it has brought our family closer together and closer to God. Now more than ever we are looking in the right place for answers – God’s word. To borrow a line from Frozen 2 – all we can do is the next right thing. What does that mean for business? Well, for us at Doug Miller Drywall it means business as usual actually! We stand firm on a foundation of integrity. We never stopped promising that. So we will keep up with the recommendations for social distancing and other precautions while we continue to deliver the high quality work you’ve come to expect from Doug Miller Drywall. And hey, chin up! Nothing lasts forever. We will all get through this together. Stay safe out there everyone and God bless you!

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